Virginia DUI Lawyer

Virginia DUI Lawyer

Virginia DUI Lawyer
Virginia DUI Lawyer Jad Sarsour

Operating a car while impaired by the effects of drugs, including alcohol, is a pretty serious criminal offense in Virginia.

The offense, classified as Driving Under Influence (DUI), comes with considerable criminal sentences, including community service, license suspension, jail term, and fine. Besides, a conviction with DUI can significantly impact on your employability and insurance premiums.

Whereas you have a right to represent yourself in criminal court, it’s difficult for anyone with little to no legal knowledge or experience to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of a DUI case. Furthermore, don’t expect to escape culpability with a plea bargain when it comes to DUI cases in the state of Virginia.

Due to the above reasons, partnering with a competent Virginia DUI attorney becomes imperative. Although the professional may not get the court to dismiss your case, they can negotiate for a reduced sentence or a softer landing.

Turn to Jad Sarsour, a well-reputed, experienced DUI attorney to guide you through every stage of the DUI prosecution process in Virginia, right from presenting relevant evidence to appealing the conviction. Whereas most professionals will only lessen the charges for the DUI defendants, trust Jad’s experience to get your case dismissed.

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Virginia’s Primary DUI Statute

VA Code 18.2-266 is the state’s principal DUI statute and allows a law enforcement officer to arrest or charge you when found driving or operating a vehicle under the following conditions:

  • With alcohol blood concentration equal to or above 0.08grams/210 liters of breath or 0.08 percent by weight by volume
  • Under the influence of alcohol
  • Under the influence of a narcotic drug or any drug that impairs the right judgment
  • Under the influence of a combination of alcohol and other drugs that compromise safe operation or driving
  • With a certain blood concentration level of cocaine, methamphetamine, phencyclidine, and 3.4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine. 

The statute provides for a police officer to arrest you when:

  • A test, whether breath or blood test, proves the violation of maximum concentration or percentage of the listed substances.
  • They believe that the presence of a drug in your system compromises your ability to operate a vehicle safely.

Any of the above scenarios can lead to the same DUI charges, of which Jad Sarsour can help you mitigate or avoid.

Implied Consent to Post-Arresting Tests

Any motorist driving on a Virginia highway is subject to VA code 18.2-268.2, which requires them to provide police officers with samples for drug tests within three hours of an arrest.

When a police officer arrests you on suspicion of driving under the influence, the statute allows them to carry out a breath test. Only when the breath test kit is unavailable can you consent to a blood test.

Nonetheless, a motorist arrested on suspicion of drug impairment should submit to a blood test.

It’s important to note that refusal to submit to these tests is punishable by law, as stipulated by VA code 18.2-268.3. When convicted of the offense, your driving license is suspended for a year.

Nonetheless, the suspension period increases to three years when the court finds you guilty of a DUI offense with the combination of the refusal to take a breath or blood test.

Defendants of such cases have always consulted Virginia DUI lawyer Jad Sarsour, and can’t help but cherish the results of the expert’s intervention.

Penalties for First DUI Conviction

A first DUI offense is classified as class 1 misdemeanor, which according to VA code 18.2-11, is punishable by either or both one-year jail term and a fine up to $2500. In the absence of aggravating factors, Jad Sarsour can have the court allow you to install an alcohol monitor in your car rather than going to jail.

Typical aggravating factors for DUI cases include an enhanced state of intoxication, prior conviction, and class 6 felony. These factors can significantly influence the jail terms and mandatory fines, but Sarsour can help you out regardless of the number of prior convictions compromising your reputation.

Underage Defendants

VA code 18.2-266.1 outlines penalties for underage people arrested while driving under the influence of alcohol. The word “underage” here means below 21 years.

An underage DUI defendant found with 0.02+ grams of alcohol/210 liters of breath or blood alcohol concentration of at least 0.02 percent by weight by volume is punished by:

  • Suspension of their driving license for one year from the conviction date
  • Mandatory fine of at least $500 or a minimum of 50 hours of compulsory community service

These are no minor charges, and will undoubtedly require the expertise of an able Virginia DUI attorney such as Jad Sarsour to get them dismissed.

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Call or email Jad Sarsour, a Virginia attorney who understands the particulars of DUI cases and renowned for guaranteed results, for quick assistance with your DUI charge.

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