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With a significant number of major highways, such as Route 50, I-395, and Route 6, all passing through and connecting the various areas of Arlington County, there are various types of traffic violations reported in this area each year.

Traffic charges may range from simple offenses like speeding and unlawful parking, to serious ones like careless driving and driving without a proper license.

Have you been charged with any of these traffic offenses? It would be appropriate to reach out to an Arlington traffic lawyer to discuss the matters of the case as well as device a strategy around the matter. Make a call today to discuss the case with a competent Arlington lawyer.

Traffic Enforcement in Arlington

As a result of the huge traffic in Arlington caused by vehicles traveling from Washington DC nearby areas, traffic rules are strictly applied in Arlington. With the growing population in this area, the roads have become more congested. This has, in turn, seen the number of law enforcers go up in a bid to conduct thorough patrols and apprehend law-breaking drivers. Such enforcement of traffic rules has made DUIs the most common charges, not forgetting reckless driving, which follows closely.

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Traffic Offence and Penalties

There are various traffic violations in Arlington, for which the penalties differ significantly. Some of the serious traffic violations that one can be charged against in Virginia include DUI, careless driving, hit and run, all which are considered serious offenses by Arlington judges and prosecutors.

Convictions for DUI, which could mean driving under the influence of alcohol or any other drugs, go down on your criminal record and is likely to attract criminal penalties such as jail time and fines, not to mention a license suspension. What’s more, subsequent DUI convictions will most likely attract greater penalties.

Due to such consequences, it is advisable to work with an experienced Arlington traffic lawyer who is familiar with local court procedures as well as experience in representing traffic offenders.

Reckless driving is another serious offense, which can arise from speeding or anything that may be regarded as willful disregard of another road user’s safety or property. Traffic laws related to reckless driving are equally severe in Virginia compared to other states and therefore attract heftier penalties, including jail terms and fines.

Additionally, careless driving also attracts demerit points, which may reflect on your license for up to 11 years and may lead to the suspension of the license.

Where are Traffic Crimes in Arlington Heard?

Offenders facing traffic charges in Arlington will mostly have their cases heard on the third floor of the General District Court courthouse, which is located at 1425 N Courthouse Rd. The location is accessible by both car and metro on the Orange and Silver lines.

Whenever you are required to be in court, it is vital to get there on time while dressed appropriately. Your Arlington attorney should also explain to you the court process and the likely outcomes of the process as well.

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Sometimes, traffic charges may seem like fairly minor offenses. However, such charges may have dire consequences, which may range from serving a jail term, paying hefty fines, and even having your license suspended. As such, it is always a great idea and in the best of interest to talk to an Arlington traffic lawyer whenever you face such charges.

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