Traffic Offenses in Virginia

Traffic violations in Virginia can range from minor infractions, resulting in fines, to more serious offenses classified as crimes, which carry penalties such as fines, imprisonment, and the suspension of driver’s licenses.

traffic offenses in virginia

Virginia Traffic Offenses: Infractions

In Virginia, traffic infractions incur fines. According to VA Code §46.2-100, fines for traffic infractions can reach up to $250 unless otherwise specified or deemed criminal. Moreover, a conviction for a traffic infraction in Virginia may result in points being added to your driver’s license, higher auto insurance premiums, and the potential suspension of your driver’s license.

Virginia Traffic Violations And DMV Points

Upon conviction of most traffic violations in Virginia, DMV demerit points are imposed along with any court-imposed fines. The DMV, not the court, is responsible for adding these points to the driver’s record, where they remain for a specified duration based on the severity of the offense.

It’s essential to recognize the significance of DMV points in Virginia. Accumulating points rapidly within a brief timeframe can result in the temporary revocation of a driver’s license by the DMV in the state.

Traffic violations in Virginia and the Suspension of Driver’s Licenses

Furthermore, Virginia traffic violations may lead to the suspension of your driver’s license. Upon conviction for a crime resulting in such suspension, individuals may seek a restricted license. Nevertheless, not all individuals qualify for this restricted license, and its terms are highly restrictive. Any breach of these terms is likely to result in incarceration.

Virginia Traffic Offenses: Criminal Charges

While some infractions may seem like typical traffic violations due to their occurrence in a vehicle or while driving, they are, in fact, considered crimes. These offenses carry penalties such as incarceration, fines, and the suspension of driver’s licenses. Among the crimes falling into this category are:

1. Reckless driving (VA Code §46.2-852)

2. Reckless driving by speed (VA Code §46.2-862)

3. Racing (VA Code §46.2-865)

4. Aggressive driving (VA Code §46.2-868.1)

5. Driving under the influence (DUI) or driving while intoxicated (DWI) (VA Code §18.2-266)

6. Driving without a license (VA Code §46.2-300)

7. Driving on a suspended license (VA Code §46.2-301)

8. Driving on a revoked license (VA Code §18.2-272)

9. Hit and run (VA Code §46.2-894, VA Code §46.2-896)

10. Eluding police (VA Code §46.2-817)

Police officers in Virginia must adhere to specific statutory mandates in every traffic infraction case, dictating their conduct from the initial interaction with the accused to the possibility of arrest. Consulting with a seasoned Virginia criminal defense attorney familiar with traffic infractions is crucial to verifying the police’s adherence to these requirements.

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