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A DUI arrest can turn your world upside down.

It is usually overwhelming. And might be the most trying time you’ll ever face in life.

Because DUI conviction comes with severe penalties—fines, driving restrictions, loss of driver’s license, or possible jail term. The consequences get even severer when it is a second or a third conviction.

And worst of all, a DUI arrest can happen to anyone who drinks or use other types of substances. And when it happens, the first step is interacting correctly with the law enforcement officer.

How to Interact with Law Enforcement in Virginia?

It is smart to cooperate with the police when they arrest you with DUI allegations. Identify yourself and provide your license and vehicle registration when a police officer asks.

However, it is outright smarter to maintain your right to remain silent on other matters like where you are driving from, and whether you have been drinking.

Many people think that because the breathalyzer test showed a blood/alcohol concentration above the legal limit, they have no choice but to plead guilty. However, that isn’t always the case. Because with a qualified Chantilly VA DUI lawyer, you have a fighting chance to get your charges reduced and sometimes even dismissed.

How to Construct a Legal Defense

With the help of an experienced attorney, you’ll have all the knowledge necessary to construct a strong defense. They help you battle DUI allegations by:

  • Keenly reviewing your case
  • Examine all the circumstances surrounding your arrest
  • Spot a potentially improper procedure with your case
  • Gathering evidence necessary for your defense
  • Negotiating with the prosecutor to lessen the charge

How to Challenge the Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) Test Result

It is a common DUI defense to challenge the procedure that the police collected and handled (BAC) evidence and question whether the process was done correctly.

Blood Alcohol Content testing is a complicated process, and the law tightly regulates it for the evidence to be admissible in court.

But you can fight blood test DUI. There are specific legal technicalities with blood test procedure or police mistake when performing the BAC test, that can make the court may dismiss the DUI blood test, and as a result, dismiss your case or reduce your charges.

A common police error that can weaken a blood test DUI charge case to get dismissed is when they allow the BAC test to sit for several days before they analyze it.

This technical legal defense works to successfully challenge DUI or DWI tests since decomposing organic material in the blood happens fast and creates a high alcohol level to occur naturally.

How Important is a Northern Virginia DUI Lawyer

Leveraging a combination of research, evaluation, and the experience, a professional DWI lawyer, might assist in defending you from DUI allegations. Even when it is just your first DUI charge, you need professional assistance to protect your right.

Make no mistake:

Walking into a law court alone and unprepared is a risky move, and it is less likely that the outcome you’ll receive will be favorable. Leverage experience of an experienced DUI attorney to defend you against the allegations.

And in Virginia, the DUI attorney can fight for your rights and ensure the court gives you a fair trial and favorable verdict. Contact us today.

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