Virginia Suspended License and Revoked License Offenses

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In Virginia, operating a motor vehicle without the sufficient privileges to do so is criminal in nature. Numerous laws exist, and while our Fairfax criminal defense attorney can handle most types of charges, we cover three of the most common charges on our website. After the links to these three top charges, you can access the general license suspension and revocation page, as well as our Fairfax County traffic court information and tips page. Our Fairfax criminal lawyer and Virginia traffic attorney serves clients in most Northern Virginia jurisdictions, not solely Fairfax County.

Three Common Drivers License-Related
Crimes in Virginia

Based on a recent analysis of public arrest records, several of the most common criminal offenses were revealed to be violations related to insufficient privileges to operate a motor vehicle. These offenses are criminal violations, as opposed to mere traffic infractions. Be careful not to confuse a the charges on this page with the non-criminal traffic infraction for failing to possess a license. The names of these Virginia Code sections may be misleading to a non-lawyer: if charged with a drivers license offense, we suggest checking your Virginia Uniform Summons to determine the Virginia Code section number (to ensure you read the correct page related to your charge).

Virginia Code § 46.2-300 – Driving without a license

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The most common offense, according to the 2013 analysis, was Virginia Code § 46.2-300, “Driving without a license.” About 12% of the criminal arrests publicly reported for a given period in 2013 were the result of violations of this offense. This offense is punishable as a Class 1 or Class 2 misdemeanor (jail time and substantial fines are a possibility, if convicted).

Virginia Code § 46.2-301 – Driving while license, permit, or privilege to drive suspended or revoked

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Not far behind “Driving without a license,” and accounting for nearly 11% of arrests, is Virginia Code § 46.2-301, “Driving while license, permit, or privilege to drive suspended or revoked.” This criminal offense is punishable as a Class 1 misdemeanor. Unlike many other Class 1 misdemeanors, however, certain offenders may face mandatory jail time.

Virginia Code § 18.2-272 – “Driving after forfeiture”

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A far less frequently violated offense (less than 1% of arrests), yet usually more severely punished, is Virginia Code § 18.2-272, “Driving after forfeiture.” Typically, this offense is charged when a person drives while their license is revoked following a DWI conviction. This charge may be punished as a misdemeanor or a felony, depending upon the facts and circumstances of the case.

Additional Pages of Interest:
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The following two pages do not cover a specific offense, but instead are meant to offer insight and guidance to our readers in Northern Virginia. Listed first is our “Virginia Revoked License and Suspensions” page. This page explains the numerous offenses which. if convicted of violating, may result in a license suspension or revocation. The page also lists the offenses which, if convicted of violating, always lead to a license suspension or revocation.

The second page listed below is for anyone who is required to appear before the Fairfax County Traffic Court (or, Fairfax County General District Court). Our Fairfax criminal lawyer and Virginia traffic attorney has provided tips, information, and useful knowledge: Jad Sarsour can often be found serving his clients at the Fairfax County General District and traffic court, as Fairfax County is the most populous jurisdiction in all of Virginia.

Virginia Revoked and Suspended License:

Virginia Suspended or Revoked License

Fairfax County Traffic Court Information and Tips

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If you are facing a drivers license-related offense and are due to appear before a court in Northern Virginia…then regardless of whether you face a violation of 46.2-300, 46.2-301, 18.2-272, some other license offense…or a non-license traffic-related criminal offense (such as a reckless driving, DWI, or something else), call our Fairfax criminal defense attorney and Virginia traffic lawyer for a free case evaluation.

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