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Charged with a crime in Northern Virginia? DUI lawyer Jad Sarsour in Arlington and Fairfax can defend you against all types of charges, including assault, reckless driving, drug possession, and domestic violence.

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DUI and DWI Cases

Charged with driving under the influence in Virginia? Know your rights. Contact Criminal attorney Jad Sarsour. He will fight for your rights and make sure you are given a fair trial and favorable verdict. Contact our office now to schedule a free consultation.

Drug defense attorney

Drug Possession

Drug defense attorney Jad Sarsour defends clients against drug charges of every type including drug sales and possession. You must act quickly. Have us start negotiations with the prosecution as soon as possible to help eliminate or minimize the consequences of criminal charges.

Reckless Driving Speeding Tickets

Reckless Driving

Driving 80 or 20 mph over the posted speed limit is considered reckless driving in Virginia. If you have been cited for reckless driving, contact Fairfax traffic attorney Jad Sarsour to have your charges dropped, reduced or possibly have your case dimissed before it is scheduled in court.


Assault and Battery

If you have been charged with assault and battery or a sex crime, you need to speak with an experienced criminal defender. Jad Sarsour has first hand knowledge of ways to exploit and to weaken the prosecution’s allegations against you. Contact Jad to schedule a free legal consultation.

domestic violence

Domestic Violence

Attorney Jad Sarsour is a recognized expert in the court room with a proven track record of successfully defending people charged with domestic violence.  You’ll have the best possible chance of receiving a lesser charge, reduced penalties or even having your case dismissed in court by having Jad represent you.

Breaking and Entering Charges - Jad Sarsour Criminal Defender

Theft and Larceny

Are you facing charges related to robbery, credit card theft, larceny or receiving stolen property? Fairfax theft crimes attorney Jad Sarsour can defend you in court to protect your rights. Jad Sarsour is an experienced lawyer who knows how prosecutors operate and can provide you with an aggressive defense. 

Fairfax County Virginia Criminal Defense and DUI Attorney Jad Sarsour

Fairfax Virginia Criminal Lawyer
  • “Jad, really saved me. I came into court thinking that was going to have three DUI charges but I got the outcome that I wanted. He knows what he’s doing and is on top of everything. I highly recommend you get this lawyer.” – Caleb T

    Caleb T
  • I was going 80 in a 35mph zone. I have a top security clearance and I would lose my job if I had the reckless driving. Jad was able to get it reduced after our second try. He is an amazing lawyer and he saved my career. I can now sleep through the night!

    Akram B
  • “Jad was AMAZING! Got me out of an impossible charge and did a great job. He knew the prosecutors and handled my case with great poise. I thank him for his hard work and with this charge dropped I can become the Vet I want to be with no worries on what’s to come. If you want someone that works hard and gets to know you personally he’s the best.”

    Lynsey K
  • “Paid Jad the day before my court date, i thought my licensed was going to be taken away. On my court date, he was ready to take the stand. He did a really great job. I recommend hiring him to talk for you. He is very responsible and will help you as much as he can. – Johana T

    Johana T
  • ” Amazing lawyer! Definitely recommend him and has fair prices. I would’ve lost my license for six months but he was able to get my cased dismissed before 10!”

    Anon Y

Free Consultation

Law is complicated matter. It can cause you big problems if you ignore it. Let Fairfax criminal attorney Jad Sarsour help you!

    Skilled Trial Lawyer + Juris Doctor - Michigan State University College of Law + Represents criminal, traffic, juvenile and domestic offenders in courts of law in Northern Virginia

    Why Choose Jad Sarsour to be your Fairfax Criminal Defense Lawyer?


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    Top Criminal Lawyer In Fairfax County Virginia

    Jad Sarsour, Esquire Attorney at Law criminal defense lawyer, has more than ten years of combined DUI experience, traffic, and criminal defense experience. Our legal team represents juveniles and adults faced with felony and misdemeanor charges across the northern Virginia area. Give us a call today to schedule your no-obligation, free consultation at (703) 385-6868. 

    Jad Sarsour, Esquire Attorney at Law, is an award-winning DUI and criminal defense attorney who serves Loudoun, Manassas, Fairfax, and Northern Virginia. Our lawyers understand that each criminal case has its very own circumstances and set of facts. Each case we work on requires us to develop a custom attack plan. So whether you were charged with marijuana possession, reckless driving, larceny, or a DUI, our criminal lawyers are fully prepared to build the best defense possible for you.

    In any juvenile defense or criminal defense case, you need to ensure that experts are working on your behalf. Jad Sarsour’s Esquire Attorney at Laws focuses on traffic law and criminal law issues that range in severity from basic misdemeanors up to severe felonies. Our criminal attorneys practice throughout Northern Virginia, including Alexandria, Arlington, Loudoun, Manassas, Fairfax, and the U.S. District Court in the Eastern District of Virginia. Among the leading types of cases that our law firm handles are juvenile defense, drug crimes, larceny, battery and assault, reckless driving, as well as DWI & DUI defense.

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    Criminal Defense Attorneys Who Offer Free Consultations 

    Whether you prefer a phone or in-person consultation, we have criminal attorneys available and prepared to discuss your case at no charge. Each traffic and criminal case has its own unique circumstances and set of facts. That is why our criminal attorneys do not set any time limits for our consultations. Whether you have been arrested on a first-offense DWI vs. DUI or for a felony or DUI charge, our criminal attorneys will take as much time as necessary to ensure that our prospective clients understand the specific criminal charges they are facing and how their attorney will build their defense.

    Suppose you have been arrested for domestic assault, drunk driving, shoplifting, or another type of traffic or criminal charge. In that case, our criminal attorneys will address your concerns, answer your questions, and discuss potential outcomes for your case free of charge. Call our office today to get your free consultation scheduled with one of our criminal attorneys at (703) 385-6868 if you are currently facing a Northern Virginia criminal charge, like marijuana possession, driving under the influence, a felony charge, larceny, drunk driving, DUI, or DWI, or domestic assault. In that case, acting immediately and discussing your case with a skilled and experienced criminal or DUI attorney is essential.   

    During the free consultation, you will not be under any obligation to retain our criminal lawyers in Fairfax. However, it is never a great idea to attend your court hearing and not have a lawyer with you, especially if you were arrested on a felony DWI, DUI, or drug possession charge. Those crimes, along with some juvenile cases, theft crimes, and domestic assault, can result in large court fines, license revocation, jail time, and more.  The Commonwealth of Virginia categorizes most criminal and traffic offenses as either felonies or misdemeanors. It is hard to fully understand what the specific penalties for your criminal charge might be.

    Certain criminal charges, like drug possession, DUI, and larceny, can be either a felony or misdemeanor offense. That is why it is important to consult with an experienced and skilled criminal defense attorney to understand the specific criminal charge you are facing. If you are convicted in Prince William or Fairfax on a drug charge or a DUI charge, some DUI penalties may include a suspended driver’s license, jail time, alcohol classes, ignition interlock, court fines, or several penalties combined. It is in your best interest to consult with an experienced attorney as soon as possible about your criminal case.  

    In Virginia, Is DUI a Felony or Misdemeanor?

    Driving while intoxicated (DWI) and driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol (DUI) are classified as either traffic or criminal offenses. DWI, or drunk driving or driving under the influence, is a criminal offense that results almost always in an arrest or, even worse, death or injury. The ability of a driver may be impaired after just a small amount of alcohol has been consumed. In terms of DUI law, Virginia is among the strictest parts of the country. Call a cab or Uber; the risk of driving while impaired or driving under the influence is never worth a DWI arrest, a DUI arrest, or injuring someone else or yourself.

    The consequences and penalties of a DUI charge can completely change your life. Some of the consequences can include court fines, alcohol classes, ignition interlock, DMV demerit points, loss of license, charging for showing up on employment background checks, and more. In Virginia, even first-time DUI offenses can result in jail time. You could lose your license on a second DUI, and in Virginia, a third DUI is a felony offense. Jad Sarsour, Esquire Attorney at Law, has extensive experience defending both juveniles and adults charged with a DUI in Virginia. Give us a call today at (703) 385-6868 to schedule your free consultation. 

    Choose the Best Criminal Attorney in Virginia for Your Case 

    Suppose either you or a family member have been charged in Virginia with a traffic or criminal offense. In that case, you probably have concerns and questions that only an experienced attorney can address. Whether it is assault, DUI, or reckless driving, each traffic and criminal case has its own unique set of facts. That is why our criminal attorneys do not set time limits since it is critical for us to understand the details of your case. 

    Our attorneys will take as much time as necessary to listen to your account of the incident, guide you through what you can expect in court, and develop a plan for your case. The focus of Jad Sarsour, Esquire Attorney at Law, is on Leesburg, Loudoun, Alexandria, Arlington, Prince William, Manassas, and Fairfax. Our criminal defense law firm only accepts a limited number of criminal cases every month to ensure we can communicate with our clients regularly, give us enough time to prepare for trial, and offer flexible payment plans. Call  Jad Sarsour, Esquire Attorney at Law, to get a no-obligation, free consultation at (703) 385-6868. We are located in Fairfax, VA, at 10521 Judicial Drive, Suite 300.

    Our law firm strongly believes that accessibility is critical. That is why we provide our cell phone numbers to our clients immediately after they retain our services for their cases. Jad Sarsour, Esquire Attorney at Law, is a highly experienced DUI, traffic, and criminal defense law firm and is within walking distance of the Fairfax County courthouse. Our DUI lawyers and criminal lawyers represent both juveniles and adults faced with felony and misdemeanor charges throughout the Northern Virginia area. Our criminal law firm works on traffic and criminal cases that involve traffic tickets, domestic assault, juvenile crimes, theft crimes, drug distribution and possession crimes, all driving and drinking charges, DWI, and DUI. 

    Our criminal attorneys also represent individuals faced with criminal record expungement, probation violations, and reckless driving charges. There is an extensive list of well-qualified criminal defense attorneys in Northern Virginia and Fairfax. It can be very confusing trying to research those criminal law firms and lawyers. However, if you know what to search for when looking for the best criminal defense attorneys, it will be much easier to narrow down your search. If you were charged with a DUI or criminal offense in Northern Virginia or Fairfax, most likely, you are wondering what steps you should take to make sure you hire the best Fairfax criminal attorney possible for your case. 

    So whether you were charged with a DUI, assault, larceny, drug possession, or any felony offense or misdemeanor offense, choosing the best criminal lawyer can mean the difference between a not guilty and a guilty verdict.

    Criminal Attorney Fairfax, Virginia

    The range of penalties rises to the death penalty in the most serious cases, from 1 or 2 years to life imprisonment in other cases. With examples such as murder in the first degree and capital murder, felony cases can be categorized by degree or class. Even before you are arrested, you can receive assistance in investigating the case and the subsequent criminal court process with a Virginia criminal attorney on your side.

    Misdemeanor Charges

    You can still get a criminal record, serve a long jail sentence, or be slapped with hefty fines due to misdemeanor charges, even though they are not considered as serious as felony charges. From impacting your personal relationships to negatively affecting your eligibility for various academic programs, loans, and employment opportunities, having a criminal record leads to far-reaching effects for some people. Restitution requirements and community involvement are also possibilities for those facing misdemeanor charges. Just like in the case of felonies, the degree of punishment to be meted out is dependent on the classification of the misdemeanor, which varies with the seriousness of the crime in question. A fine not exceeding 2,500 dollars and a jail sentence not exceeding 12 months are among the potential penalties.

    There are many advantages of using a professional defense lawyer to defend you against misdemeanor or felony charges. To avoid spending time in jail, a seasoned lawyer can develop a great defense strategy that can lead to the case being thrown out or you being acquitted of the charges you are facing; alternatively, your attorney can negotiate for a favorable plea agreement. Your lawyer will work diligently to reduce the severity of the penalties you might face if a conviction is all but certain. From stalking and disorderly conduct to underage drinking, among others, misdemeanor charges are quite varied.

    Theft Crimes

    Burglary, robbery, and larceny are the three main categories of theft charges in Virginia. While robbery charges involve the theft of something valuable either violently or forcibly, larceny is free of violence or force. On the other hand, burglary relates to a crime involving a number of criminal acts committed together, such as breaking with intent to commit another crime, in addition to theft or attempted theft.

    On the other hand, larceny with intent to distribute, conspiring to commit larceny, grand larceny, and petit larceny are the different classes of larceny. While not all convictions include a jail sentence, and a lesser punishment or penalty may be imposed by court intervention, grand larceny convictions come with a 1 to a 20-year jail sentence. A fine not exceeding 2,500 dollars and/or a jail sentence not exceeding one year can be imposed due to a petit larceny conviction. Due to the violent nature of robbery, it is considered to be a serious felony. A conviction is likely to include a long stay in jail, normally ranging from 5 years to life imprisonment.

    Federal, check, and credit card fraud, among others, are good examples of other serious theft-related crimes.

    Assault Crimes

    Threatening or using force results in the victim reasonably being afraid that they may suffer offensive contact, be harmed or constitute assault. This act can be filed as a civil offense, referred to as a tort or criminal charge. When offensive or hurtful contact accompanies assault, it amounts to assault and battery.

    Title 18.2, Chapter 4, Section 18.2-57 of the Code of Virginia defines the punishment for assault. From assaulting a health care provider, an educator, or an officer to straightforward cases of assault and battery and assault, punishment is broken down into various categories under the Code. A fine not exceeding 2,500 dollars or jail time not exceeding 12 months are the possible penalties for an assault conviction. One of the acts considered to be assault-related is domestic violence.

    Charges For Reckless Driving

    If you are found driving faster than the weather or road conditions permit or simply driving at an excessively high speed while on Virginia roads, you may find yourself facing a reckless driving charge. A reckless driving charge may also come about as a result of an officer finding your driving habits to have “willful, wanton disregard” for other road users. Carrying more severe punishment than speeding tickets or other traffic violations, reckless driving is classified as a Class 1 misdemeanor, as it is a criminal offense in the state of Virginia. A conviction for such a crime carries a maximum jail term of 1 year and a maximum fine of 2,500 dollars.

    The seriousness of reckless driving charges may be unknown to visitors from other parts of the country. While the court or jury may decide to impose lesser punishment, anyone who is convicted of the charge and committed the crime while their driving license had been revoked or suspended and the crime resulted in a fatality will be facing a Class 6 felony in the form of an involuntary manslaughter charge – and a maximum prison sentence ranging between 1 and 5 years.

    Charges For Sex Crimes

    Performing a sex act with a person without their consent, or with any person who cannot give consent, like a person with a disability, generally amounts to a sex crime. From sexual battery to rape and sodomy, among others, Virginia law recognizes a variety of sex crimes. Furthermore, the public particularly abhors sex crimes. As such, convictions result in severe penalties with long-lasting effects. When facing charges for sex crimes, it is important to have the assistance of a qualified Virginia criminal attorney, as these charges normally involve hefty fines and long jail sentences. Compliance with the registry for sex offenders in the state is also required for many of those found guilty of sex crimes.

    Registration in the sex offenders register may also be required for sex offenses that don’t involve any form of physical contact, like illegally taking photos of another person, as per Section 18.2-386.1. There are two main categories of sex crimes in the commonwealth: sexually violent offenses, which carry greater punishment, and sexual offenses.

    Across Virginia, solicitation, prostitution, and any other closely related crimes of morality, though not considered sex crimes in a technical sense, instead of being classed as misdemeanor offenses, are strongly prosecuted. The Code of Virginia, Crimes Involving Decency (Chapter 8, Title 18.2), covers such crimes. A conviction for what is termed “commercial sexual conduct” or prostitution carries a fine not exceeding 2,500 dollars or a jail sentence not exceeding a year. Also carrying the same punishment and penalties as prostitution, solicitation (defined as offering money for sexual favors) is classified as a Class 1 misdemeanor. If the solicitation involves a minor, an exception is made. Depending on the minor’s age, penalties may include a 2,500-dollar fine and/or a prison sentence ranging from 1 to 10 years.

    Gun Charges

    The US Constitution protects the right to bear arms. However, when gun owners are considered to have violated owning firearms basic principles, this right can be taken away easily.

    Using a gun to commit a felony, a convicted felon having a firearm, and carrying a concealed firearm in the absence of a permit are some of the gun offenses recognized in the Commonwealth of Virginia. You run the risk of being brought up on gun charges and the severe associated penalties if you, as a gun owner, do not register your firearm. Chapter 7 Title 18.2 Section 18.2-279 to 18.2-311 of the Code of Virginia covers gun-related offenses.

    Intentional discharge of a firearm in a public area, carrying firearms into prohibited spaces such as schools or courthouses, and publicly brandishing a firearm are associated with gun offenses. On top of fines amounting to thousands of dollars, felony or misdemeanor convictions related to gun crimes come with the possibility of spending months in jail or longer prison sentences covering a period of years. To reduce these penalties, you need the help of a Virginia criminal attorney.

    From time to time, even the most dependable firearm owners might find themselves facing criminal charges as a result of simple mistakes. A seasoned criminal lawyer can help with arguing your case, proving to be quite useful in such situations.

    Drug Crimes

    The state of Virginia recognizes various criminal offenses associated with drug crimes, including distribution, manufacture, and illegal narcotics possession. While the punishment for drug crimes isn’t as flexible, the amount and type of drugs involved play a role in determining each case’s details. To make things worse, you will also suffer long-lasting effects from having a drug offense on your record. With some charges linked to mandatory minimum prison sentences, gun owners risk being locked up in addition to being slapped with huge fines.

    In Virginia, the applicable laws also consider the classification of different drugs, as set out by the various controlled substance schedules, on top of the amount and type of drugs involved in each case. Follow this link to the United States Department of Justice website to learn more about controlled substances’ schedules. Marijuana (cannabis) has its own separate controlled substance category according to the laws of Virginia; even though it is listed as a Schedule I controlled substance,

    Criminal Defense And DUI Lawyer Virginia

    It is recommended that you seek the counsel of a seasoned criminal attorney in Virginia if you find yourself facing felony or misdemeanor charges in the Commonwealth. In addition to explaining the potential punishment you are facing, a Virginia criminal attorney will also steer you through the investigation and criminal court proceedings.

    From seriously damaging your professional and personal associations and impacting your security clearance/access to limiting your eligibility to some financial assistance programs, academic and employment opportunities, and even putting your reputation in doubt in custody cases, having a criminal record can severely affect your future. The best chance you have to avoid a prison sentence and safeguard your rights is by hiring a seasoned criminal defense lawyer from Leesburg, Virginia, who has a deep and thorough understanding of DUI and criminal offenses. Call us today to find out more about our exact approach to your case.

    About Jad Sarsour

    Mr.  Sarsour is a traffic and criminal defense lawyer in Fairfax, Virginia, with the Firstpoint Law Group, P.C. He is well-known for his strong courtroom record and commitment to client relations. He represents clients in a broad range of criminal cases, including embezzlement, credit card fraud, larceny, sex crimes, and domestic assault. Mr. Sarsour also defends people who have been charged with driving with a suspended driver’s license, reckless driving, driving under the influence, and moving violations. He has trial experience in Loudoun, Prince William, Alexandria, Fairfax, and other northern Virginia counties, which gives him a thorough understanding of each jurisdiction’s unique characteristics, from the general district and circuit courts to the domestic relations and juvenile district courts.  Along with his criminal practice, Mr. Sarsour also counsels clients on family law, immigration, and bankruptcy issues.  Before joining the Firstpoint Law Group, Jad Sarsour earned his Juris Doctorate in East Lansing at Michigan State University College of Law. 

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