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Charges of DUI are often legally vulnerable to a surprising number of defenses. The penalties are significant and vary depending on the circumstance.

For instance, for persons over the age of 21, the legal Blood Alcohol Content limit is .08%. But when you`re under 21, the limit tops off at .02%.

Therefore, if you`re currently facing charges for DUI, you might want to contact a professional Tysons VA DUI lawyer to walk you through the case and minimize the penalties. And if you`re having second thoughts about hiring a DUI attorney, it might be time to explore the severity of the consequences which might await you when facing the judge.

Penalties for DUI in Virginia

Driving under the influence is a Class 1 misdemeanor criminal charge in Virginia. If you`re a DUI convict, you earn a permanent criminal record.

The next question that comes in mind right now is:

Will I go to jail if I am convicted of First Offense DUI?

It depends. Many at times, a judge will not impose an active sentence for the conviction of the first offense DUI offense unless there are some aggravating factors.

So, most common penalties for the first offense of DUI include:

  • Loss of driving privileges

A first DUI conviction in Virginia usually carries a one-year license suspension. And when you have previous DUI allegations, the license suspension can be much longer.

  • Fines

In Virginia, the least fine is usually $500 for a DUI conviction. The fine increases with a subsequent DUI conviction going as high as over $1000.

And fines aren`t the only financial consequence a DUI charge brings. It also attracts higher interest rates. Many companies will drop a client with a DUI charge, and the one that is willing to keep a person with a history of DUI conviction will raise the premium rates.

And when you earn multiple convictions, you`ll face even more strict consequences.

  • Jail Term

 A first offense DUI carries a maximum of one-year jail term. But if your BAC is at least .15%, but less than 20% will serve a minimum of five days before going on probation.

An offender with BAC of .20% or more must serve at least ten days in jail before being eligible for probation,

Penalties for Multiple DUI Convictions in Tysons Virginia

  1. Hefty fines for over $1000
  2. Indefinite loss of driving privileges
  3. Use of ignition interlock device
  4. 90 to over 180 days of jail time

Should You Hire a DUI Lawyer?

If you`re concerned about the seriousness of the consequences of the DUI allegations you`re facing, then you need the help of a DWI lawyer.

The Virginia laws regarding DUIs are complicated, and the court is usually ready predisposed to think the worse. So, you might need a professional on your side. You need someone knowledgeable to give you a fighting chance in the battle you`re facing.

And Jad Sarsour—one of the Tysons VA DUI lawyers, has the first-hand knowledge of ways fight the prosecution`s allegations against you.

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