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Manassas, situated as the county seat of Prince William County, is located about 45 miles to the southwest of Washington, D.C., in the suburbs of the nation’s capital. Positioned southwest of Fairfax County and directly south of Loudoun County, the city’s location contributes to frequent traffic violations that can significantly impact driving privileges. If you are charged or cited for a traffic offense, consult a Manassas traffic violation lawyer promptly. Reach out today to discuss the details of your case and determine the best course of action. An experienced Manassas traffic violation lawyer can provide valuable guidance on mitigating the consequences of your offense and advise you on the necessary steps for a robust defense.

Manassas lacks interstate highways, but it is accessible through several significant roads. Route 28 and Route 234 traverse the city, while Prince William County Parkway also plays a crucial role. These roads feature varying speed limits, emphasizing the importance of vigilance while driving along them.

Manassas Officers Enforcing Traffic Regulations

Strict adherence to traffic laws is a top priority in Manassas, where the local police exhibit exceptional diligence in conducting speed patrols. They actively pursue and apprehend speed violators by employing various methods, such as laser techniques, radar technology, and pacing. Even a slight exceedance of the speed limit can result in a speeding charge in Manassas.

Serious Traffic Violations in Manassas

Numerous criminal offenses can stem from the simple act of operating a vehicle. These offenses range from seemingly minor infractions, such as exceeding the speed limit by twenty or more miles per hour, which qualifies as reckless driving.

Reckless driving extends to any behavior behind the wheel that poses a potential threat to the life, safety, or property of others. This encompasses various actions, like passing a school bus or engaging in racing. Despite appearing victimless, these driving behaviors are, in fact, criminal offenses.

Manassas traffic lawyers commonly encounter DUI charges as well. Operating a vehicle while intoxicated constitutes a Class 1 misdemeanor, carrying penalties such as imprisonment, fines of up to $2,500, and a potential one-year license suspension. Another significant offense is driving with a suspended license, constituting both a misdemeanor and a criminal act. If caught driving with prior notice of a suspended license, the charge escalates to a misdemeanor.

Distinguishing Between Reckless Driving and a Traffic Ticket

A traffic violation lawyer in Manassas clarifies that the primary distinction between reckless driving and a traffic ticket lies in the criminal nature of reckless driving. Unlike a traffic ticket for a non-criminal offense, which can be prepaid, reckless driving constitutes a misdemeanor. While paying a traffic ticket incurs points on your license and a fine, it does not lead to license suspension or potential jail time.

Reckless driving, being a misdemeanor, carries more severe consequences, including the possibility of imprisonment and the loss of your license upon conviction. Consequently, individuals facing reckless driving charges are required to appear in court. In contrast, those issued a simple traffic ticket must not attend a court hearing.

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