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The robbery offense is treated with utmost gravity in Virginia, warranting severe consideration. Convictions for felony robbery in Virginia carry substantial penalties, often resulting in mandatory prison sentences. A conviction for theft in Virginia entails strict sentencing guidelines, ensuring that even in optimal situations, imprisonment is inevitable. According to the Virginia Code, a person found guilty of robbery “shall be guilty of a felony and shall be punished by confinement in a state correctional facility for life or any term not less than five years.” Learn how our Manassas robbery lawyer can help with your case.

Components required for a robbery conviction

To establish a robbery, the prosecution must convincingly demonstrate several critical elements to the satisfaction of a judge and jury. The following are the five fundamental components that must be proven for the prosecution to build a robbery case:

Intent: The suspect must have intended to take something from the victim.

Personal property: The object or objects the suspect intended to steal must have been another individual’s private property.

Presence of the victim: The personal property taken from the victim must have been removed while the victim was at the scene.

Volitional act: The act of stealing must have been carried out against the victim’s will.

Presence of harm: The act of stealing must have been executed by force or the threat of force.


Individuals found guilty of committing robbery with a vehicle may face charges of carjacking, carrying a potential sentence ranging from 15 years to life imprisonment. Carjacking typically entails the use or threat of force to facilitate the theft of a vehicle, often involving the deployment of weapons. When additional elements accompany the crime, such as causing injuries or fatalities, using a lethal weapon, or targeting a police or emergency vehicle, the penalties for a carjacking conviction can significantly escalate.

Challenging a Robbery Case

Mounting a defense in a robbery case poses several challenges, with a significant hurdle being the prevalent perception of robbery as a violent crime. Many individuals fear becoming victims of robbery and can vividly imagine the traumatic aftermath associated with such incidents.

Moreover, the defense against a robbery charge is complicated by the evidence compiled by the prosecution. Typical robbery-related elements include video footage, blood samples, fingerprints, and eyewitness testimonies. Although this evidence may appear formidable to a defense team, a proficient criminal defense attorney can construct a compelling defense strategy.

By meticulously reviewing all evidence, scrutinizing case facts, and carefully considering witness testimonies, a skilled attorney can create a defense tailored to the case’s unique circumstances. At NOVA Criminal Attorney, our experienced robbery defense attorneys possess the expertise and determination needed to craft a defense aligned with the specifics of your situation.

Providing a strong defense against allegations of robbery

Facing charges of robbery or carjacking in Virginia is a grave matter, given the severe penalties associated with such offenses. Therefore, initiating a robust defense at the earliest opportunity is crucial. If you are charged with robbery, it is advisable to promptly contact the proficient and assertive robbery defense lawyers at NOVA Criminal Attorney for optimal legal representation.

Despite potential challenges within the legal landscape, the adept and seasoned criminal defense lawyer Jad Sarsour at NOVA Criminal Attorney is committed to diligently safeguarding your rights and achieving a favorable outcome. This could entail questioning the existence of any of the five essential elements required for a conviction in a robbery case.

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