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Facing an investigation or arrest for a criminal offense can lead to long-lasting consequences. Felony charges may result in substantial prison sentences, while misdemeanors, such as drug possession, DUI, and reckless driving in Virginia, can lead to significant fines and potential jail time.

In such challenging times, hiring a Manassas criminal defense attorney can provide peace of mind. A committed defense lawyer can safeguard your rights and advocate for your interests throughout your case.

When Do Arrests Occur?

In basic terms, a police officer arrests someone when they suspect a crime has been committed. This can happen when a police officer witnesses an offense or a judge issues an arrest warrant. However, the legal principles behind police arrests are more complex, involving reasonable suspicion and probable cause.

Reasonable suspicion is the minimum standard that allows police officers to stop individuals in public. Examples include:

  • A driver is swerving lanes.
  • A person stumbling in public
  • Someone was seen running with potentially stolen property.

When reasonable suspicion exists, officers can stop individuals and conduct frisks for weapons.

It’s important to note that a stop does not equate to an arrest. Police can detain individuals for questioning at the scene without making a formal arrest. To make a formal arrest or execute a warrant, law enforcement must have probable cause—a higher legal standard than reasonable suspicion. They must provide specific details explaining why they believe a person committed a crime.

These legal classifications are critical in criminal cases. If an arrest or search lacks proper legal justification, any resulting evidence may be deemed inadmissible in court. A Manassas criminal defense attorney can provide further insight into law enforcement’s authority to stop and arrest individuals.

What Happens After an Arrest?

An arrest is often seen as the beginning of legal trouble. However, it does not automatically lead to criminal charges. Police can use an arrest as a means to gather more evidence, but they must have probable cause to do so. The evidence they possessed during the arrest may not be sufficient for a conviction in court. Prosecutors only file formal charges if they believe they can secure a conviction.

After an arrest, police typically take photographs (mugshots) and fingerprints. They may also attempt to gather additional evidence through questioning. It’s important to know that speaking with the police is not mandatory, and individuals have the right to remain silent and request an attorney’s presence during questioning.

In some cases, particularly those involving allegations of alcohol or drug influence, suspects may be sent to the hospital for blood testing, and compliance is required.

Following most arrests, individuals remain in custody until the arraignment. For certain misdemeanors, a defendant may be released by a police officer with a summons or by a bail commissioner with conditions. A Manassas attorney can offer protection to individuals still in police custody after a criminal arrest.

Facing Criminal Charges in Manassas, VA

The state penal code governs criminal charges in Manassas and can be categorized as misdemeanors or felonies. Some offenses, like theft or DUI, can be charged depending on the circumstances, including factors like the value of stolen property or the use of a weapon.

Examples of criminal charges a Manassas attorney can assist with include:

What Prosecutors Must Prove for a Conviction

In every criminal case, prosecutors must prove the charges beyond a reasonable doubt. This means demonstrating that any reasonable person, considering the evidence, would believe the defendant committed the alleged offenses.

The evidence required varies depending on the specific case, with each criminal charge having its own elements. Some charges require proof of both action and intent, while others may not focus on intent.

A local criminal lawyer aims to secure a favorable outcome for the defendant, whether through negotiations with the prosecutor or arguments in court.

Consultation with a Defense Attorney

During initial consultations, a Manassas criminal defense attorney may ask questions such as:

  • What are the charges against you?
  • What do you believe the government can prove?

By understanding what evidence the government may possess, attorneys can assess the case more effectively. Investigating a case may involve:

  • Discovery.
  • Speaking to witnesses.
  • Consulting with involved police officers.
  • Engaging with the prosecuting attorney.

This process helps build a strong defense and provides a clearer understanding of possible outcomes.

Where Cases Are Heard

Most criminal cases within the county are heard in the General District Court at 9311 Lee Avenue in Manassas, Virginia. The court handles not only criminal matters but also civil cases and town ordinance violations. Felony cases or misdemeanor appeals are eventually heard in the Prince William County Circuit Court.

The Arraignment Process

The first court appearance for a criminal defendant is the arraignment, which serves several purposes, including entering charges into the record, setting court dates, and determining legal representation. Bail or release conditions may also be addressed, which can include no-contact orders, drug or alcohol restrictions, or mental health evaluations.

The Right to a Fair Trial

Regardless of the charges, every defendant has the right to a trial. Misdemeanor trials in District Court are bench trials where a judge decides on guilt. Defendants have the right to participate in jury selection for felony cases that a jury will try. Defendants can participate in jury selection for felony cases that a jury will try.

Every trial follows a standard format, with opening statements by the prosecutor and defense attorney, presentation of evidence, cross-examination, and closing statements. The jury deliberates, and a unanimous decision is required for a verdict. If no unanimous decision is reached, a new trial is scheduled.

Seek a Manassas Criminal Defense Attorney with Local Experience

Having an experienced legal representative is crucial when facing the court. Finding a dedicated Manassas criminal defense attorney with local ties can be invaluable for navigating the legal challenges specific to the area. Local experience is vital to understanding the court’s history and strategizing the best defense.

If you’re charged with a criminal offense in this area, consider reaching out to schedule a consultation with our office to learn more about our approach to criminal defense.

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