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Reckless Driving
Robert Griffin Jr., the father of Robert Griffin III (the quarterback for the Washington Redskins) was charged and convicted of reckless driving. He will serve 10 days in jail in Hampton, Virginia for driving 115 mph on Interstate 64. This is almost twice the legal limit, which is 60 mph. Although he pleaded not guilty,...
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Virginia has a very broad definition on the one hand for reckless driving and then also has very specific violations that are also enumerated as reckless driving in no less than 13 behavior-specific laws. Some have opined that Virginia uses its broad reckless driving provision as a catch-all for drivers whose behavior, to law enforcement...
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As previously examined in this blog, Virginia has a statute that gives a very broad definition of what constitutes reckless driving. It is so broad, in fact, that it seems that it gives carte blanche to police officers to charge drivers at the drop of a hat if they so choose. We are only talking...
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Reckless driving and improper driving sound very similar to your average driver. One is a very serious criminal charge and the other, however, is considered a traffic violation and punishable only by a fine. The difference is very slight but the results can be vastly different in scope and consequence. Reckless driving is defined in...
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Virginia is known for being hard on drivers who fail to obey the law. The Commonwealth has laws that criminalize behavior that in many other jurisdictions, would result in a simple administrative ticket and points on your license. In other words, in Virginia you might end up spending time in jail for something that in...
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