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Drug Charges
Everyone knows the danger of drinking and driving. You can get pulled over by the police and get hit for severe fines, costs, and even potentially spend time in jail. What you might not know is that there are ramifications for you even if you would never consider driving after having a drink. Virginians face...
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With all of the hubbub surrounding the legalization of marijuana in some states and in DC, some people have forgotten what should still be obvious – Marijuana possession and distribution is still a violation of federal and Virginia law. Amazingly, there are some who think that because you can cross the Potomac and get marijuana...
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What Is a Dog-Sniff Case? It seems like a strange name but a dog-sniff case is exactly what it sounds like:  a drug case (almost always) where a trained dog is used to sniff the outside of a vehicle to establish the presence of illegal drugs.  All manner of police agencies use canines these days...
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