Theft Crimes

If you have been accused of a theft crime, Jad Sarsour can provide you with experienced, aggressive defense. Fairfax County theft crimes attorney Jad Sarsour is a lawyer who knows how prosecutors operate. Contact us today for aggressive, effective criminal law defense.

At Jad Sarsour, we start negotiating with the prosecutor before the charges have even been filed. We know how to exploit weaknesses in the charges brought against you. If you’ve been arrested for theft, a white collar crime such as tax evasion or embezzlement, or another financial or property crime, we may be able to help you escape being charged, convicted, and penalized with jail time or probation.

Our Fairfax County criminal defense attorney aggressively represents clients accused of the following criminal charges:

Bribery: Bribery is the offer of money, goods, services, information or anything else of value, which is presented with the intent of influencing the actions, opinions, or decisions of the taker.

Counterfeiting: Counterfeiting occurs when someone copies or imitates an item without having been authorized to do so and passes the copy off for the genuine or original item.

Embezzlement: Embezzlement occurs when someone who has been entrusted with someone else’s money or property uses it for their own benefit.

Extortion: Extortion is defined as “forcing a person to give up property through the use of violence, fear or under pretense of authority”.

Fraud: Fraud charges can include mail fraud, check fraud, internet fraud, identity theft, credit card fraud, bank fraud, securities fraud, or telemarketing fraud.

Forgery: Forgery is defined as the “making or altering of a false writing with intent to defraud.”

Larceny: Larceny is the “taking and carrying away of tangible personal property of another by trespass with intent to permanently (or for an unreasonable time) deprive the person of his interest in the property.” Larceny must involve personal property, and it must be capable of being possessed, and carried away.

Money Laundering: Money laundering is a process or series of actions through which people try to hide income of illegal origin, disguising it or making it to appear legitimate to evade detection, prosecution, seizure and taxation.

Theft: Charges ranging from burglary, robbery, petty theft, car theft, shoplifting, receipt of stolen property or trafficking of stolen property.

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