Virginia DUI Statutes

DUI/DWI Virginia Code Sections and DMV References

§ 18.2-266. Driving motor vehicle, engine, etc., while intoxicated, etc

§ 18.2-266.1. Persons under age 21 driving after illegally consuming alcohol; penalty.

§ 18.2-267. Preliminary analysis of breath to determine alcoholic content of blood.

§ 18.2-268.1. Chemical testing to determine alcohol or drug content of blood; definitions.

§ 18.2-268.2. Implied consent to post-arrest testing to determine drug or alcohol content of blood.

§ 18.2-268.3. Refusal of tests; penalties; procedures

§ 18.2-268.4. Trial and appeal for refusal.

§ 18.2-268.5. Qualifications and liability of persons authorized to take blood sample; procedure for taking samples.

§ 18.2-268.9. Assurance of breath-test validity; use of breath-test results as evidence.

§ 19.2-187.1. Procedures for notifying accused of certificate of analysis; waiver; continuances

§ 18.2-268.10. Evidence of violation of driving under the influence offenses.

§ 18.2-269. Presumptions from alcohol or drug content of blood.

§ 18.2-270. Penalty for driving while intoxicated; subsequent offense; prior conviction.

§ 18.2-270.1. Ignition interlock systems; penalty.

§ 18.2-271. Forfeiture of driver’s license for driving while intoxicated.

§ 18.2-271.1. Probation, education and rehabilitation of person charged or convicted; person convicted under law of another state.

DMV DUI and DWI in Virginia

Virginia Alcohol-Related Motor Vehicle Statistics (Calendar Years 1987-2012)

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