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marijuana laws
In countless television shows, the criminal is pulled over and the vehicle is searched. When marijuana is found, the accused often replies, “It’s not mine.”  While in the plot of the show this may or may not be true or, what happens in real life when this type of situation occurs?  Obviously, it adds intrigue...
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Marijuana possession is a serious charge in Virginia. A conviction can result in jail time, a criminal record and the loss of driving privileges. If you read the newspaper or look at Internet news sites, you often see articles where people are arrested for possession of marijuana and you often see an additional charge in...
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With all of the hubbub surrounding the legalization of marijuana in some states and in DC, some people have forgotten what should still be obvious – Marijuana possession and distribution is still a violation of federal and Virginia law. Amazingly, there are some who think that because you can cross the Potomac and get marijuana...
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