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DUI homicide
A Roanoke, Virginia woman was sentenced to five years in prison for her second DUI conviction on August 3rd, 2015. Tracie Nininger was arrested for DUI back in October of 2014 after police saw her swerve over the center-line several times. Once she was pulled over, dash cam footage showed her falling out of her...
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Virginia’s DUI laws are considered among the harshest in the US. For example, a third DUI conviction is punished as a felony and even first offenses often result in jail time. Since the laws are perceived as being so aggressive, many people consider refusing to take a breath or blood test when they get pulled...
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You grow up hearing about your permanent record. Your parents or teachers probably told you that if you did something wrong, “It will go on your permanent record.” As you got older, you probably thought it was something they made up. Well, they were actually right. You do have a permanent record. What’s more, a...
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A Hanover County, Virginia man was sentenced to a 12-year prison sentence for a 2013 DUI crash that led to the death of a 74-year old woman. Donald Johnston had been drinking heavily and decided to leave his house to get Tylenol and Gatorade. While driving, he left the road and traveled 150 feet across...
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