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Drug DUI
Typically, when most people think about DUI, they think about people going out to bars and having too much to drink and then driving drunk. While this has received much of the focus of the media and law enforcement, there is a push among law enforcement agencies to get tough on drivers who are under...
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Virginia’s DUI laws are considered among the harshest in the US. For example, a third DUI conviction is punished as a felony and even first offenses often result in jail time. Since the laws are perceived as being so aggressive, many people consider refusing to take a breath or blood test when they get pulled...
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Everyone knows the danger of drinking and driving. You can get pulled over by the police and get hit for severe fines, costs, and even potentially spend time in jail. What you might not know is that there are ramifications for you even if you would never consider driving after having a drink. Virginians face...
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