Fairfax County Traffic Court Information

Fairfax County Traffic Court

More than 1 million people live in Fairfax County, Virginia. Since it is the most populated county in the Commonwealth of Virginia, it should come as no surprise that the Fairfax County Traffic Court is one of the busiest in the country.

Fairfax County Traffic Court Case Information Website

Some jurisdictions in the Commonwealth of Virginia provide information to the public via the General District Court Case Information site. This helpful tool is a searchable database to help you find your case’s date, courtroom, type of hearing, court time, and more.

Regarding other information also available, you can find the local ordinance or Virginia Code section an individual has been charged, the date of arrest/offense, the officer involved, the defense lawyer involved (if any), and more.

The Fairfax County General District Court Case Information tool is also helpful to search past offenses because sometimes a current pending offense will be treated differently if the charged individual has a prior record. Often, such crimes are severe (e.g., DWI – DUI) and could even result in stiffer sentencing or a felony instead of a misdemeanor.

General District Court

Here you will find Fairfax County General District Court information, including parking, directions, court operating schedule, phone numbers, hours, policies, frequently asked questions, and more. Our Fairfax traffic lawyer loves to help people, whether or not they hire the Jad Sarsour.

What is the General District Court?

Is it the same as the Fairfax County Traffic Court?

Each city and county in Virginia has a general district court. If you have been charged with a misdemeanor, traffic infraction, felony, or if a city police officer (as opposed to a Fairfax County officer) cited you for an alleged violation of an ordinance, then you will need to know specific information about the Fairfax County General District Court system. In Fairfax County General District Court, three divisions exist traffic, criminal, and civil (and small claims).

Fairfax County General District Court

Traffic Cases Division

The general district court has jurisdiction; in Fairfax County, the Fairfax County traffic courts are located on the first floor. Therefore, you may need to go to a city court (discussed later). Additionally, you will find the Traffic Services office on the first floor, which may very well be where you will need to go. You may need to visit the traffic services office to pay a fine, file a motion, or inquire about other services.

Fairfax County General District Court

Criminal Cases Division

For misdemeanor criminal charges, the preliminary hearing and trial take place in Fairfax County General District Court (unless the case is appealed, in which case, the judge will hear it in the circuit court), or if a local ordinance is at issue, the case will be held in a city court. The information regarding city courts is found further down on this page.

For felony criminal charges, the preliminary hearing will occur in the Fairfax County General District Court, but a trial (if there is one) will appear in Circuit Court. In Fairfax County, the general district and circuit courts are in the same building. Additionally, civil cases are heard in Fairfax County General District Court if the amount in controversy, or claim amount, is equal to or less than $4,500. Civil cases are held in general district court if the claim is $4,500 to $25,000, but the judge may also hear such cases in the circuit court.

Getting to the Fairfax County Traffic Court:
Hours, Directions, Maps, Numbers, & Parking

If you are faced with a traffic infraction or a misdemeanor offense, then the chances are high that your case will be heard at 9:30 am. If you have a Fairfax traffic lawyer to represent you, they may want to meet with you near the chairs located just outside of the courtrooms before 9:30 am. Always check your Summons; if you lost your Summons, call the court or check online. If you miss a court date, then depending on the charge, a warrant for your arrest could be issued. Do not take chances; a “failure to appear” is a criminal charge of its own, and a violation can land a person in jail for ten days. You can find the court’s website and contact information on this page or the Fairfax County General District Court Case Information System. If a charge is prepaid, a court appearance is unnecessary. We discuss how to find out (if you are unsure) further down on this page. You can use the quick navigation links at the top of this page to go directly to that section.

  • If you need to visit court services in-person, either before your case or after, you may do so as early as 8:00 am and as late as 4 pm, Monday through Friday.
  • If you need to call the court: the phone lines have live operators between 8:00 am and 3:15 pm, Monday through Friday.

Fairfax traffic lawyer Jad Sarsour suggests arriving at least 30 minutes before the office closes because there may be a waiting period.

Can I Contact the Fairfax County Traffic Court by Phone?

If you need to reach the offices of the Fairfax County General District Court, you can find much information using the following automated information lines for the respective divisions:

  • Fairfax Traffic Court Division: dial 703.246.3764
  • Fairfax Criminal Division: dial 703.246.330
  • Fairfax Civil Division: dial 703.691.732 and then press 4, followed by 1
  • Small Claims: dial 703.246.3012
  • Court Services: dial 703.246.7530

Where is the Fairfax County General District Court Located?

Historic Fairfax County Courthouse

Some people who are new to the area or unfamiliar with the Fairfax County Traffic Court do vaguely recall driving past the old historic courthouse just off of Main Street, in the City of Fairfax (pictured, right).

Modern Fairfax County General District Court

But note: the historic courthouse is not where adult traffic or criminal cases are heard these days. The current location of The Fairfax County General District Court and Fairfax County Traffic Court is:

4110 Chain Bridge Road
Fairfax, Virginia 22030

What if I Still Need Help Finding the Fairfax County Traffic Court or General District Court?

If you are unsure after reading this page and you have visited the Fairfax County General District Court’s website but still have questions, then our welcoming Fairfax traffic lawyer and traffic defense firm may be able to assist you with directions, as we are happy to help residents of Virginia as well as non-residents with a case in Fairfax County, if we are able.

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